Call for Participation

Djangonauts from in and around Denmark are meeting up for the second edition of Django Day, to be held April 25h September 25th 2020. It will be a full day of talks, followed by an evening of social events.

Come and meet your local and excellent community and share with them. Tell us about your idea and your contribution to make this a great day.

The event will accommodate ~100 people.

First time doing a talk? We want you to submit! It is very understandable and encouraged to ask questions when preparing your talk, please don’t hesitate to write

Formats 🌈

We are looking for:

Subjects πŸ“š

Deadline πŸ”₯

Submit before February 16th 2020 23:59:59 UTC+1 (extended by 2 weeks). Program will be announced on March 1st.

After the program was announced, we rescheduled the event, reconfirming most submissions. Therefore, a new CfP will not be held.

Bonus 🎁

If your submission is accepted, you will get a voucher for a free ticket. Lightning Talks do not qualify.

Submission 🧐

Submit your proposal by writing: - please include:

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