Can I participate remotely?

YES! You can buy a conference package for remote participation, a streaming supporter ticket, as well as streaming the event for free.

Should I take a COVID-19 test?

As much as it is a responsible choice, we want to have this event take place in a physical space. The venue is limited to 72 50 participants.

We encourage that everyone going gets a fresh COVID-19 test, in order to make the space feel comfortable.

Speakers arriving from abroad will almost certainly have to take a test in the airport. Danish participants are highly encouraged to get a test 2-3 days before the event, so that the result can come back before attending.

What does COVID-19 mean for the organizers?

We will test ourselves before the event. As organizers, a lot of our energy has gone into moving the event and answering each others questions and doubts about organizing this. We are very reliefed to have finally reached a conclusion with both a Plan A and a Plan B.

We hope very much that, even if you are worried about COVID-19, you will consider buying a remote conference package to help keep Django Denmark strong and join us to ensure great new events in 2021.

Venue location

The event takes place at the top floor hall of the Library @ Rentemestervej 76, 2400 Copenhagen NV

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We have had to cancel the party due to the pandemic.


Main building

The building, we will have the event at the top floor (Creative Commons Attribution: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek)

Main building

Inside the library - mural by Husk Mit Navn

Main building

The view from the main hall

Django Day flying pony and books illustration by Sara -